Nanjing - destination for business in East China
l  Capital city of Jiangsu province

l  High speed railway between Nanjing and Hangzhou/Shanghai

l  Hub of the Yangtze River Delta

l  Convenient location for business with Central China

Tremendous Market

l  Jiangsu has a population of 79 million, with a GDP per capita of over 80,000 RMB in 2014. Provincial economic comprehensive competitiveness ranked first in China in 2015. As the capital city of Jiangsu, Nanjing has a population of 8.18 million. In 2014, its GDP per capita is 107,000 RMB.

l  In 2014, the total number of domestic and foreign visitors to Jiangsu reached 570 million, an increase of almost 11%. The total revenue from tourism reached 814.5 billion RMB – an increase of 13%. The number of travel agencies reached over 2,200, ranking No. 1 in China.

l  In 2014, the number of outbound trips organized by travel agencies of Jiangsu Province reached 1,592,900, an increase of 31%. Business trips, service trips, overseas studies, free independent trips and etc. were not calculated in the above statistics.

l  According to the “2014 Chinese Online Outbound Travel Report”, Nanjing ranked No. 6 in terms of the number of travelers after Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Second-tier and third-tier cities were growing rapidly, outdoing first-tier cities by more than 100%.